Tips on How to Use Paint to Make Your Condo Look Bigger

Here are paint palettes and designer tips that can make your space look bigger.

White: The Go-To Color

Chances are you’re going to say that if you paint your small condo white, your space is going to look bigger. You are right.

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Paint Walls, Baseboards and Other Trims the Same Light Color

If you make the surface one color, white or other light neutrals, then nothing stops your eye. Baseboards, moldings, door and window trimmings, jambs, inside shutters, panels — if all these are the same light color as the wall, then there is just one expanse and you don’t see the boundaries so it makes the space seem bigger.

However, if you do too much of one color, including the furniture, then it can come out looking bland or cold. So do try to have touches of color in your furnishings.

Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint.

Use Other Trendy Paint Palettes

White is not the only color that makes a room look more spacious.

Try other trendy colors like soft, pale greys, especially for rooms that have natural light streaming in. Painting it with a light grey makes the room still appear roomy and bright.

Another color making a splash now is sage. It’s hailed as the new neutral and the palest of sage is similar to a very light celadon and mint, other trendy colors. Having this pale blue-green color is another way to create that illusion of space. An added benefit is the natural color, which makes the room look bigger and bright.

Photo by David van Dijk on Unsplash


Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint.

Go Monochromatic

The white baseboard and cream walls go very well with the white cabinets and curtains, and the light wooden table. It’s a space that looks fresh and inviting. Even the tabby cat right smack in the center belongs in this room, with his markings taking on the colors of the room ?

Photo by Paul on Unsplash

Use Paint to Change the Shape of the Room

If you have a narrow space, and most studios in condos are like that, you can paint the shorter ends a color which is a shade darker than the longer sides. This ‘widens’ the shape of the room so it becomes less rectangular. Why is that? It is because lighter colors recede, while darker colors advance, seemingly moving that shorter surface closer to you.

Paint Stripes to Create Height or Width

Whichever way you’d like your room to expand, either vertically or horizontally, stripes are your friends so paint them on your walls. Besides, they add visual interest.

Vertical strips makes a space look taller
Horizontal stripes makes a space look wider

Paint Adjacent Rooms the Same Color

Paint adjacent rooms the same color so that the eye is led from room to room with ease. If you don’t want to do that, then stick to the same hues and just change the color saturation.

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