Paint your Garden Shed into a Work of Art

Painting a Garden Shed

I wanted my one to be fun and bright. I always liked the beach huts I saw on some beaches. So I decided to create the nautical look.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden big enough to have a shed then next time it needs painting why not make it a feature in the garden.

Once you know your own theme then you can buy the paint.

It is always better to buy that extra size so that you do not run out of the colours you will need.

The paint left over can be stored and used to touch up the shed when needed.


Equipment needed

Hard bristle brush
Paint brushes
Splash cover
Scraps of material to clean the paint off your hands
Hammer and nails
Items to attach to the shed to fit your theme
Wood preserve paint
Other paint for your colour scheme


Outdoor Wood Paint

If the shed is new then you are ahead of the game already.

I bought this smaller shed new so the wood was perfect.

If the one you intend painting has been in your garden for a few years then it will need to be cleaned.
Preparing the Garden Shed for Painting


When to Start Painting

It is best to start work only after a dry spell of weather.

Use a scraper to remove any moss from the surface.

Brush away any cobwebs or dirt with a small hard brush.

It is best to start painting the shed early in the morning because you do not want to lose the light later one.

Preserve the Wood

Lay some old sheets or plastic around the bottom of the shed.

This will prevent any paint from splashing onto the ground.

Paint the whole shed with the wood preserve paint.

Make sure each colour is completely dry before using the next one.

It is best to use less paint on the brush so you can get an even finish.

Leave for a few hours to dry completely.


Paint the Shed in the Colours you have Chosen

Do not rush the process as this will only cause you to make mistakes.

Finishing the Painting

The hinges were aluminium and had got a lot of the paint on them. I decided to paint them black which looked a lot better

Painting the Hinges
Adding The Finishing Touches

It depends on what your theme is on what other pieces you add on now.

I could not find an anchor anywhere in the shops so my brother in law made one out of wood.

Painting the Shed and my Back Wall

The piece of wood I used as a paddle was in my grandmother’s garden for years so it got a new home. I cleaned it up by sanding it down.


I attached these two pieces by nailing them to the front door of the shed.

I found the rope on the side of the shed at the beach.

My back wall is made of concrete bricks. It looks very bad. I also have some of the neighbour’s shed showing into my garden too.

I decided to paint these both as well. I took a few different combinations of colours before I was happy with the finish.
Painting your Garden Shed


As you can see from the photos all the hard work was worth the effort. With the garden shed and wall painted I just have to wait until my sweet pea grows up the wall this summer in order to have a great display of colour in the garden.

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