We’re in a transitional season, when the weather still is warm enough to leave the door open but a sudden gust of strong wind may slam it shut. Doorstops to the rescue.

To thwart autumn breezes, we’ve rounded up ten modern classics—made of stone, iron, wood, and  rubber:


Above: An antique cobblestone has a 90-degree recess padded with felt to cushion a door. TheDoorstop Stone is an idea borrowed from Japan, where the designers “recently saw, in a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, a simple way of keeping heavy doors open: a large stone with the pull-cord for moving it tastefully wrapped around.” It is €98 from Auerberg.


Above:  Izabella was the first one in our office to discover the natural stone Borne Door Stop; designed by Koray Ozgen and made in France, it has a leather handle and is €50 from ODC.


Above: A Cast Iron Door Stopper from Japan-based Koizumi Studio has the smooth texture and shape of a perfect river rock. It is $70 from Nalata Nalata.


Above: Made in New York and weighing in at 10 pounds, a Cast Iron Door Stop from Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Co. is $375 from Alder and Co.


Above: Industrial Facility’s set of two Twin Stopper doorstops made of silicone  is $28.75 from Y Living.


Above: Designed by Mads Felding and Jeppe Ørskov, a small rubber Door Stopper comes in several colors including white; $9 from Scandinavian Design Center.


Above: An Aji Stone Doorstop constructed of black-and-white speckled stone found in Japan’s Takamatsu region is portable, thanks to a handle of tied jute rope. It is $65 from Canoe.


Above: A Wooden Door Stop from England measures 7 inches long; $10 from Ancient Industries.

doorstop-tjirp-gardenista (1)

Aboe: Christine found the the little wooden bird doorstop before any of the rest of us: “With the irresistible bird-shaped Tjirp Doorstop by Belgian Designer Cas Moor, it’s form, function, and fun rolled into one. Owners beware: If your house is full of small children, it’s highly likely that your Tjirp Doorstop(s) will be seconded for other purposes,” she cautioned. It’s €29 from Cas Moor.

wood-doorstops-gardenista (1)

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