A Psychedelic Time Machine Inside This Unassuming Home

This split-level home in Massachusetts—not too far from Boston—may be the closest thing to a time machine that we have on Earth.

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While 3 Hickey Drive’s exterior is completely suburban and normal (a brick patio, wood siding) inside you’ll find all the design flair of the 1960s.

“It seems all of the linoleum, funky carpeting, and gaudy details of your dreams exist in Framingham,” Boston Magazine’s Madeline Bilis wrote of the house.

Time Capsule House Bathroom

Time Capsule Home Kitchen

The spacious, 14-room abode is decked out with burnt orange shag carpet, wood paneling, penny tiles, and citrus yellow linoleum in the impossibly green kitchen that could be mistaken for a discotheque. For only $624,900, an entire decade could be yours to keep.

With 3,600-square-feet of living space, a wood-burning fireplace, and an in-ground, heated pool for all of your colorful floats, there’s plenty to love about this home even if you’re not painfully nostalgic for the psychedelic 60s.

But if kaleidoscopic wallpaper isn’t your thing—and it’s even on the ceiling—we suggest leaving this property to someone who will appreciate the aesthetic.

Time Capsule Home Living Room

Time Capsule Home Bedroom


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